maandag 8 maart 2021


 The penguins and the frogs were so impressed by the life story of the cats that they immediately considered giving them a cheerful welcome.
"A party in the evening is not suitable, because the kitties are still small".
"We have to do something cheerful".
"We'll bring a circus and a jumping castle and a hundred balloons"
“We are having a swimming party”
But well, one idea was not suitable, the other too expensive and cats don't swim.
What to do?
"We're going to do circus acts ourselves," said a bachelor spontaneously. He was shocked himself. Gee, what a good idea this was.

Adolescent, Daan, Finn and the other bachelor immediately thought it was fantastic. The others had to let it sink in for a while but also liked it. The following days there was a lot of whispering and training because everything had to be kept secret , of course .

 The story of the kitties had also circulated at de Lauwerkrans. They were also busy planning and tinkering.
The lady of the ASC said that she would organize the welcome of the kitties. So the tasks were divided and everyone was awfully busy.

Then the big day had arrived.
As usual, everyone was waiting again. The members of  de Lauwerkrans had made cat shaped flags. Very cheerful.
Suddenly there was a loud ringing and honking.
Around the corner of het Dierenhuis a colourful procession collided and ran up .

 It was not fast but it was surprising and cheerful.

The youngest cats were safe in the baskets of the walkers, one cat was in front of the mobility scoot, one cat was in front of the scooter and the largest cat was on the back.

What a nice entry. All people and animals laughed and clapped.
The kittens waved to everyone.
The best parade ever.
The lady of the ASC was very satisfied.

A fine moment for a grand picture. But that turned out to be very difficult because the twins kept running away. And of course each to a different side. Oh dear, if one was finally on the place the other walked away. And the fact that all people and animals laughed heartily did not help either.
The twins felt they were successful and kept getting crazier.
But finally they were all in line and the picture could be taken .

The lady welcomed them warmly and introduced them:
Renate was the oldest, Jochem the boy, Imke the girl and the twins were Hidde and Emma.

“Go and see your new home now. We have put all your things neatly and the members of de Lauwerkrans have made presents for you. Have a rest and take a nap.
In an hour we will come to get you for the party program ” .

 What were the presents ? A pillow for Renate, soft toys for the twins and cat pastries. Hidde and Emma quickly did a little cat sleep with the new soft toys.

The others were going to prepare for their acts.

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vrijdag 5 maart 2021


 Shortly after the frogs moved into the Animal House, the third room was being prepared.
Again it was a coming and going of workers and the lady of the ASC. The penguins and the frogs kept a close eye on everything.

Now it is evening. The workers are gone and the room is ready. “The furniture will be delivered tomorrow”, the lady of the ASC said.

"I think it's beautiful," says the young couple's wife. "And it is so romantic," says the widow, "I am so curious " The room is mainly light and pink.
"Tomorrow I am going to ask  who will live there," says the leader. "We do not want a debacle as with the frogs."

The next day the furniture is brought in and the animals are amazed.
"I would love to live here" sigh the widow and the wife of the young couple.
"How beautiful it is."
"Well, again no refugees," grumbles the leader. "Much too beautiful stuff".

Adolescent said: "hey lady of the ASC, who actually comes to live in this room?"
When the lady started to say “ my lips are sealed ” again, all penguins rebelled. "No, ma'am," said the bachelor, "you tell . And immediately ”.

 The lady of the ASC saw the reasonableness of the question and packed a thick file. It contained a picture .

These are 5 orphans. Big sister has been taking care of them all along. They are 3 girls and 2 boys. The 2 youngest, a boy and a girl, are twins.

 And then the lady read the entire report. So sad. Everything they had experienced and had happened to them was written in the file. And also that it was unclear whether they were all real brothers and sisters. Actually, the lady should not have read the entire report to them. But, whenever she has an audience, she can't be stopped.
All the animals had a lump in their throat and the widow was sobbing openly.

"Very sad," said adolescent, "but now I'm going to swim. Daan and Finn, are you coming too?

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donderdag 4 maart 2021



The first to wake up were little one and Finn. Because everyone else was still asleep, they just went to play downstairs by the stairs.
Slowly more animals woke up.        


 Serious came down because the grandfathers would teach him chess. He sat on the stairs and waited. Fortunately, they soon came.

 Serious loves learning things. He pays close attention. After a while he even gives good advice. The twin grandpas have to be careful, they have never had such a good student.

 “Do you know that we have a library in de Lauwerkrans? You may come there. There are books about chess and many more.  Another grandpa can tell you a lot about the books. You should take a look ”.

“ Daddy, will you tell me again how Mommy and we lived there on the bank of the river? I wish I could remember but I was too small. ” Finn cannot get enough of this story. And certainly not since they got the painting. He sees it all before him. Father John likes to tell.

"My dear Klara, how I miss you", he thinks every time he looks at the painting.
This was the most beautiful present. I will go to  the lady of het Kanthuisje and thank her again.

Melvin thought, “once the grandpas play chess they’ll forget everything. Let me put that hook in the wall. Daan is interested to see how Melvin does it. He would also like to learn to handle
tools. "Then come to the craft club," says Melvin. "Always welcome though".

"I'm going to bake cookies at the grandma's," shouts Finn, hopping down the stairs. “Fine”, Father John thinks this is the first time that he has left home alone.
How happy he is.

" Gee, what a noise " sounds at Penguin’s room  , "do have a little quiet."
 Well, they drank too much yesterday and have a hangover.
Own fault.

And so yesterday's party was a great success in more ways than one.

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woensdag 3 maart 2021



The day has finally come. The penguins are the first to attend the party. That wonderful fishy smell, they no longer could resist it.

The others came also and it was immediately fun.
Everyone from de Lauwerkrans had come. The two men who are playing chess are twins. They argue a lot about who is the best because they are actually both equally good. The penguins , except for serious, think chess is stupid. 


They are only interested in the table with fish. 
But serious looks at the game and actually wants to learn that.

The main guests are of course the frogs. They sit in the centre with the stack of presents at their feet.
Especially Finn loves to unpack  but Daan does some unpacking too.

While unpacking, the family from the 1970s comes in.
“Sorry we're late. The baby was still asleep and the fruit pie needed some more time in the oven ”. They sit down quickly and the dachshund goes straight to the little one. Those 2 are good friends.

More unpacking to do. What a lot of gifts. They have already unpacked 2 embroidered cushions and a pot with a water lily. Magnificent!

They continue like this until John is to unpacks his last present, a painting. He stares at it for a long time and everyone gets uncomfortable. Wouldn't he like it? Then he looks up and says in a sobbing voice, “Here it was. My dear wife Klara was eaten here. She was sitting on a water lily and there stood the stork ”. He points to the painting.
"Look  children," he says. That's where I last saw our mother. And because he was crying a bit, Daan and Finn also started to cry. What a pitiful sight. Suddenly the party was no longer fun. It was dead quiet.

Then the lady of the ASC got up and said: "can I have your attention?"

The lady spoke fondly about the frogs. About their grief and also about their great resilience with which they had processed this grief. Father John in particular received a great compliment. Then she knew some funny anecdotes and finally she said: "let's sing our song now".

 And there it sounded together:
1,2,3,4, the frogs are ( 2x )
1,2,3,4 the frogs that are here .
Welcome John and Daan and Finn.
Are you having a good time.
1,2,3,4, the frogs that are here.

 Everyone laughed because of the terrible way the penguins sang and when the frogs started singing the chorus, it sounded horrible.
Then the lady said: "the buffet is open". The penguins ran to the table and everything was finished in an instant. The table manners of the penguins were disputable but no one said anything about it.

 What had the frog got?
2 embroidered cushions of de Lauwerkrans
2 ships in a bottle of de Lauwerkrans
1 water lily in a pot of de Lauwerkrans
1 wood painting of the 70's house (they didn't like that very much)
1 painting of the waterfront of the lady of het Kanthuisje

What beautiful gifts.
You could tell that everyone had thought carefully about the presents.
But what had they received from the penguins ? Nothing.
Nobody thought that was weird. The penguins themselves certainly not.

When the party was over, they all helped to clean up and put the presents neatly upstairs.
And look how cozy the room looks now.

“ Why do you always wear those binoculars around your neck?” grandfather asked.
"Because we don't have a place to hang them," said John softly.
"I'll hit a few hooks in the wall tomorrow, " said Grandpa. But now I'm off to bed.
The other guests also went home.
"This was the best party ever" thought the penguins and immediately fell asleep.

Daan and Finn fell asleep exhausted, but father John didn't want to sleep yet.
He went to look at the painting again and now it no longer made him sad, but rather happy.
He thought of the beautiful time he spent there on the bank with his lovely wife 

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maandag 1 maart 2021



 Soon the party will be on, so everyone is in an uproar.
The frogs have gone for a long walk and swim and have been asked to stay away for a long time.
 Nice places were made of all the furniture they could find.

There is a gift table with so many gifts! Adolescent and the little one are watching and touching them all the time. How curious they are!

There is also a chess table with 2 chairs. That is for the grandfathers of de Lauwerkrans.
And it smells so great again. The penguins can hardly wait. The bachelors told the grandmothers that frogs prefer to eat fish and so they prepared that delicious fish dish again .
Could they have said that frogs eat insects?
No, that's gross!

A welcome song is made. At first they wanted to do it to the melody of  “On the bank of the river”, but that is such a sad song that they have just made it to the tune of “1, 2, 3, 4 hat made of paper”. A nice and simple nursery rhyme.

Suddenly the widow says: "we have forgotten to invite the lady of the ASC".
Oh dear. "Well, let’s not invite her, " growl the bachelors.
"No, we can't do that," says serious, I'll call her.

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 The penguin men also felt bad about the cool reception the frogs had received. They said to each other, "come on, let's see them." And so the leader, serious and adolescent went to the neighbours.

They soon had a very pleasant conversation. Those frogs turned out to be not that scary at all and actually quite common.

And when 2 grandpas from de Lauwerkrans came to visit a little later, it became very animated.
The frogs told that the mother had been eaten by a stork shortly after Finn's birth .
The penguins told about their disaster and the grandfathers asked if the frogs wanted to come to de Lauwerkrans.

"We have a very nice craft club," said one grandfather, we make everything ourselves  and we even have a train track. "
Or do you play bridge? We also have a fine bridge club ”.
But the frogs did not like crafts and they had never heard of bridge. And when it was explained to them they did not feel for that either.

 They loved nature. They took long walks and knew every flower and insect. They liked to go to the waterfront to take a dip. "We do too," cried the penguins . They loved the prospect of swimming together.
So that appointment was made quickly. Will you come too, grandpas? But no, the grandfathers did not like swimming and a long walk was no longer doable.

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vrijdag 26 februari 2021




The next morning the 3 friends, the widow and the ladies of het Kanthuisje and the 70's house came together. Disappointed about the cool reception of the frogs. "We are going to make up for this soon," they said to each other. “Let's ask the craft club grandma and then go to my house. I have just baked a fruit pie ”suggested the lady from the 70's house.
"Shall we ask the ASC lady?"
“ Please don't. She'll come with that psychological abracadabra and will do all the talking. That takes hours. We’d better arrange it ourselves then it will quicker and much more fun. ”

In a short time they arranged snacks and drinks, a plant, a song, music and the invitations .

 And then there was even time left to gossip: about the new residents and about the Mrs. from the ASC

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donderdag 25 februari 2021



 And again the whole street has been invited and everyone is ready to receive the new residents. The flags have been hung but no one is really in the mood.

The lady of the ASC did not wanted to say who the new residents were, so they could not make tasty snacks, no bunting with welcome ???, and they did not know what to prepare so they prepared nothing.
They tried to find out who the new residents were with all kinds of trick questions, but the lady kept her mouth shut.
Therefore they are waiting for what's to come.
But it does not feel right.

Suddenly the lady shouts: “The new residents are coming”.
Everyone looks up and what they see ... .. they don't understand that at all.
It is all a bit terrifying.

 In front is a very large frog man with something very big in his arms. Behind him is a little frog boy who looks a little anxious. And behind the little boy is big frog boy on a skateboard with a big statue in front.

A strange procession, everyone is silent.
The lady shouts: "a big round of applause for the new residents". They clap hesitantly and when the frogs walk forward, the penguins step back. How big those animals are!
What are they actually and what did they bring with them?

The lady introduces them: The big frog man is called John, his oldest son is called Daan and the youngest son is called Finn.
Everyone thinks, "and where's the mother?" But nobody dares to ask that question.


"Now we are going to see the house," the lady says. The frogs walk upstairs leaving the skateboard with the statue and that big thing.

The penguins push forward to look at those things. Now that those scary frogs are gone they dare. But they still don't get it.

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woensdag 24 februari 2021



 There is excitement in het Dierenhuis . Workers are walking around and the room opposite to that of the penguins is being renovated. The lady from the ASC is there almost every day, watching the renovation. The penguins are very anxious. But the lady will not tell who comes to live next to them. "That is a great secret. My lips are sealed ”.
The penguins couldn't stop talking and guessing about it.
First of all, the room was wallpapered.

When the workers are gone, the penguins look at the wallpaper.

" Yuck green" says adolescent. "I think green is a shit colour". "I think it's wallpaper for elderly folks" suggests the young couple's husband and the bachelor thinks it's "Brussels sprouts wallpaper".
"But it does have a modern look," mumbles seriously.
Nobody hears that comment.
"I wish a hot girl came to live here" sighs the bachelor. We need that around here.

The next day the floor was also laid and the penguins are watching again.

 " Yuck , green again," says adolescent with a dirty face, "really a shit colour."

 "I get depressed when I look at it," says the young couple's husband, and the bachelor says, "and we've lost our place to hang out." "Where should I play now" beeps little one and everyone laughs.
"The finish of the floor makes it modern," says serious, but no one listens to him.

Now that all furniture has been placed, the penguins are no longer allowed to enter the house “This is no longer public area. You must respect the privacy of the new neighbours, ” the lady said.

The penguins are speechless. What a classy furniture. They've never seen anything like it.
"Real old classic furniture," says adolescent, " yuck ."
"Does not look like a room for a hot girl", the bachelor sighs .
“Very expensive stuff. Not for refugees, that is clear, ”the leader grumbles.
"Did you see that there is also a telephone and books," says the young couple's husband.
"I love it" serious sighs. "I wish our room was like that."

 But only the widow hears him and looks at him surprisingly.

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dinsdag 23 februari 2021



 Why is serious still wearing that backpack?
Actually, he could have taken it off as soon as they moved into de Dierenhuis. But now he is still walking with that thing on his back .
And everyone whines: "take off that backpack." Then he just growls or says nothing at all.
What is the true reason?

Only the grandmothers of de Lauwerkrans know the reason. He does note dare not take off his backpack because he would feel so naked. His backpack only contains clothes that are suitable for the South Pole. He has absolutely nothing to wear here.
When the grandmothers heard  that they said: "is that all, we will solve that problem for you easily". And they gave him an encouraging nod.
And that is his problem.

Serious wants a piece of clothing but is so afraid that the grandmothers make something he doesn't like. When he thinks of the mitten of  adolescent who was not the right colour at all. He wouldn't want 2 different mittens.
Serious is quite picky. He likes his garment to be neat and also different.
What must he do if they make something he doesn't like at all?
He cannot eat and cannot sleep because of this problem.
Do you always have to be grateful, despite everything? 

Then came the day he feared. The grandmothers came with a big parcel.
Would he run away? No too late, they've already seen him.

We have made something very beautiful for you," said one grandmother.
"It was a lot of work," said the other grandmother.
Serious dare hardly to unpack. His hands were shaking.

He loosens the paper a bit and there he sees something purple with a kind of golden yellow. Wow, what a nice combination. He is blushing again.
"What a beautiful colour," he says softly.
More and more penguins came and stood around them. A bit stuffy.

 "May I try it on" he asks softly. He puts the cardigan on and it fits exactly. It is nice warm and does not tickle.

And then he did something he had never done before. Spontaneously he jumps into the arms of one grandmother and then in the arms of the other grandmother. So happy he is with his cardigan!


"Turn around," shouted the other penguins who wanted to see the cardigan. But serious has a better idea.

 He goes to the stairs and walks to the top. Now everyone can see him.
He has never had a more beautiful present in his whole life.
He must swallow very hard.

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maandag 22 februari 2021



Since they all have their own place to sleep, it has become so much more fun. Everyone goes to bed whenever they want and is rested in the morning when they come out again.
Little one grows like cabbage and likes nothing more than frolicking with the adolescent and the bachelors.
The widow does not like to go to the Lauwerkrans anymore. There are a few men out there who are quite pushy. She prefers to go to the lady of the 70's house and the lady of het Kant huisje . The 3 of them have become good friends.

The lady of het Kanthuisje gave a tour and their mouth / beak fell open in amazement. They had never seen so many beautiful things. And when the lady said that she had made it all herself, the penguin almost fell over in surprise. The lace was called bobbin lace and an old lady who was often in the shop showed it. Penguin got dizzy. So quickly as the bobbins rolled over each other. And there were so many bobbins!
The lady of the seventies house said shyly that she too made bobbin lace. "But not as beautiful as you," she hurried to say. She blushed.
What a great afternoon that was. They agreed to come to the 1970s house the following week.

In the 70's house they drank tea and ate tasty fruit tart. The lady from the 70’s house showed all her needlework. She could knit, crochet, spin and dye wool, embroidery and macramé and much more. It made the widow dizzy.

 “ And will you come to my house next time? " the widow asked timidly  while worrying. Was there something she was good at?

The widow had nothing to show and hadn't baked a cake.
But she could tell about the ice floe where she had lived and about their harsh journey here. About the disaster and the death of her husband and many other family members. That made the women of the lace house and the seventies house silent. They had never realized that the penguins had suffered so much.
And although they were only sitting on the stairs, it was a very special afternoon for them. 

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